Price terms verification for the transaction (contract) for goods delivery

from 3000 UAH

Price terms verification for the transaction (contract) for goods delivery or expertise of foreign-economic contracts – conclusions related to the correspondence of the contract price to the market conditions (market prices).

Expertise is obtained with the purposes of customs clearance, providing it to the controlling authorities or for use in economic disputes.

During the examination using information leading Ukrainian and world information agencies, stock exchanges, etc.

In order to receive the Letter of Confirmation for the Price of Goods delivered under a specific transaction or in accordance with the contract the following documents have to be submitted:

  1. Application Letter(original), that should include:
    • Company name or Organization name or Establishment name; State Registration number; Individual Tax Number; Contact person details: (i) Name, Position, with verification documents for Legal entities, phone number, e-mail address; (ii) Passport details with verified copies, for Physical persons or Private entrepreneurs, Personal identification number, state registration number for private entrepreneurs, letter from Unified State Register or documents proving that the applicant is a tax payer; (iii) all the mentioned documents are submitted initially or when the documents were changed and/or modified.
    • Contract number, Subject-Matter of the contract, Price of the contract, and Payment terms;
    • Reference material on the trustworthiness of submitted information and documents;
    • Consent to use, keep, and process the information provided;
    • Payment guaranty clause for the services to be rendered.
  2. Original or copy of documents that describe the terms and conditions, details of the evaluated subject and/or contract and/or transaction:
    • Foreign purchase agreement/contract with all appendices and amendments to, which constitute the whole matter for application herein; other relevant documents that can be provided by the Applicant to make the evaluation;
    • Transfer and acceptance act for services rendered/work complete/ goods delivered/ assets received;
    • Invoices according to which the payment should be made;
    • Documents that govern the price calculation for goods/services/ work/ assets i.e. cost breakdown, budgeting, and list prices that are used when setting the contract/agreement price;
    • All documents related to delivery: including waybills, delivery notes and other accompanying documents;
    • Certificate of origin and Certificate of quality;
    • Technical documentation for equipment, machinery, tooling etc.;
    • Information on goods from the production, manufacturing company.

The above-mentioned list of documents is not comprehensive or final, should the submitted documents disable to make the correct and exact evaluation of the agreement, DZI shall have the right to request additional relevant information to the matter.

DZI can request to provide certified copies of documents or originals.

Documents in Russian or English languages do not need translation in other cases DZI can ask for a Ukrainian translation of the documents.

The Customer is responsible for the submitted documents (information) to be true, correct and valid (copy or original).

The evaluation is made within 7 business days.  Should the case be that the experts need more clarification the time may be extended, but in any case, the Customer is notified of the development of said circumstances.

Should the Customer need the evaluation to be done faster, it has to be stated in the Application Letter, after the negotiations between the parties to understand the scope of the matter and reaching an agreement on the price of the service, the time can be decreased.

To facilitate the evaluation process the Letter of Application can be submitted by e-mail to but with an obligatory delivery of the original Application Letter by post to DZI.

Notice. The maximum size of one e-mail is 7 MB.

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