About us

DZI is the leading and prominent Information, Research, Analytical, and Expertise Center of Ukraine in connection with the foreign trade relations. Incorporated in 1996 according to the executive order of the President of Ukraine.

The company provides and renders the full range of information, analysis and expertise as well as conducts research related to but not limited to foreign trade contracts, monitors domestic and world commodities markets, consults on commercial activities and provides management advice.

The company has the internet portal www.ukrexport.gov.ua designed to facilitate exports from Ukraine.

DZI organizes, runs and supports conferences, fairs, tradeshows, roadshows and other business events domestically and internationally.

DZI is the abbreviation from the shorter name of the company DerzhZovnishInform – meaning: information required by the government from global sources.

Official Name of the Company in Full:

State Research and Information Center for Monitoring International Commodity Markets, State-Owned Enterprise.

Subject-Matter of DZI:

  1. Price terms evaluation and provision of the conclusion as to the compliance as to the cost of Goods, Labor involved, Services rendered, Assets (including Securities and Equity) set forth in legally binding documents to the true and correct market value./li>
  2. Conclusion regarding compliance or non-compliance of the financial transaction to the subject-matter of the legal entity and/or companies involved.
  3. Conclusion regarding the essence and aim of the financial transaction.
  4. Conclusion regarding the economic viability of a financial transaction or the lack thereof.
  5. Conclusion or/and information regarding the participants of the financial transaction, their business activities, and business reputation.
  6. Price terms verification for international business contract.
  7. Commodity price term examination in Agreements and Contracts for Export/Import:
    • Identification of the true and correct price terms for the given commodity, goods or services and provide the verification that the level of the price is in compliance with the market level;
    • Price/Commodity verification is made under the request of the legal entity.
  8. Determination and identification of the correct Product number according to Ukrainian Customs Tariff Codes (HS).
  9. Publication of printed and electronic media.
  10. Marketing research on request and industry-specific consulting.


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