About us

Company name:

State Enterprise State Research and Information Center for Monitoring International Commodity Markets(hereafter – Derzhzovnishinform)


Main tasks and regulatory basis of the Company’s activity:

Taking into consideration the main activities:

  • Market conditions research and public opinion studying;
  • Magazine edition and periodical information analytical reviews;
  • Data processing;
  • Databases operation;
  • Consulting services;
  • Advertising.

The Company realizes:

1. Examination of foreign economic contracts price terms, which is essential in cases, when the contract’s total cost of services works, intellectual property rights exceeds €50,000 or is equal to this sum in another currency at official hryvna exchange rate against foreign currencies fixed by the National Bank of Ukraine on the contract signing day.

2. Examination price terms of foreign economic contracts for commodity delivery:

determination of the contract price terms accordance to current market conditions and confirmation of objectivity of products/works/service prices. In case of products quota implementation price terms of the contract signed in current marketing year are examined for compliance with certain market conditions as of the contract singing date.

The examinations above are carried out on economic entities requests.

For information: determination of customs value of products crossing Ukrainian custom border is made by customs declarer according to the methods of Customs Code of Ukraine in order to submit to Customs authority. The Customs authority carries out customs clearance of products and controls correctness of customs value determination by customs declarer, including rightness and possibility of application of chosen method of customs value determination, completeness of submitted documents (both compulsive and additional) and their correspondence to established requests.

Method of customs value determination of products crossing customs border of Ukraine as well as terms of its application are established by articles #266-273 of Customs Code of Ukraine. Aiming to confirm products customs value declarer may also give examination results regarding the products quality and value prepared by responsible special expert organizations according to legislation of Ukraine. Derzhzovnishinform is among such organizations.

Examination results of Derzhzovnishinform may be used as reference information for customs value estimation or custom value exercising. According to Customs Code of Ukraine final decision is taken by customs responsible official. So, examination results are additional information source for correct customs value determination.

According to letters of State Custom Service of Ukraine #11/3-10.16/3380-EП dated 10.04.2009 and #16/2-2/2356 dated 17.11.2009 containing explanations of Derzhzovnishinform certificates status expert reports of special expert organizations including Derzhzovnishinform are for information only.

3. Determination of codes according to Ukrainian Commodity Classification for Foreign Economic Activity.

4. Periodicals edition:

  • Bulletin Price Review of World and Ukrainian commodity markets;
  • Catalogue Importers and Exporters of Ukraine.

5. Information analytical services on world and Ukrainian market research in economical sectors – information and analytical review Commodity Monitor Ukraine. It is presented by the following products:

  • Weekly review Price Commodity Monitor.
  • Monthly review Trade Balance
  • Metallurgical monitors Steel Raw Materials and Steel Rolled Products
  • Construction Monitor
  • Agri-monitor (including Fertilizers, Seafood)

Each issue contains: main economic indicators, price tendency, foreign economic activity results, significant events and forecasts. This gives a possibility to be informed about economic development trends in all main sectors of economics.

6. Marketing researches (Ad hoc researches):

  • Branch consulting
  • Marketing, and social and political researches

7. Information support of internet-portal Complex System of Information and Consulting Support of Export Development (www.ukrexport.gov.ua) after receiving information from appropriate department of Ministry of economical development and trade of Ukraine.

The portal is filled according to decree #472 dated May 21, 2009 of Ministry of economy of Ukraine ‘Structure of the informative filling of web-portal Complex System of Information and Consulting Support of Export Development’ (www.ukrexport.gov.ua) approval aiming to provide Ukrainian exporters and manufacturers as well as foreign economic entities buying Ukrainian origin products with information.

8. Distribution of data of Register of Manufactures Associations of Ukraine (hereafter – Register) by means of publication and support of web-site with complete information about manufactures associations of Ukraine, appropriate foreign economic information for manufactures associations of Ukraine included to the Register.

9. Providing the Ministry of economy of Ukraine with prices analysis on request of State Customs Service of Ukraine.