Subdivision Phone e-mail
Management of the Company (044)390-50-88,528-91-54
Document reception and handing-out (044)390-50-68,528-91-57
Inquiries (044)390-50-74
Legal department (044)390-50-86
Accounting department (044)528-91-58,391-34-93
Press Service (044)391-34-92
Research Departments
Management of the Departments (044)528-92-38
Research Department of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Industrial Raw Materials and Overland Transportation (044)528-92-36,390-50-70
Research Department of Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Mechanic Engineering, Research & Development and Engineering Services, Maritime & Air Transportation (044)390-50-73
Research Department of Agro-industrial Complex and Agribusiness (044)528-91-48
Research Department of Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Products (044)390-50-71
Research Department of Real-Estate, Car Industry and Consumer Products (044)390-50-89,528-92-39
Research Department of Transfer Pricing and Financial Analysis (044)528-91-49,528-92-39
Publications & Editorial Department (044)391-34-91
Business Events and Information Products Department (044)391-34-91
Periodical Publications Distribution Sector (044)390-50-87
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