How to prepare the report on its own and without errors, to submit it on time, in a complete and substantial manner? How to pass checks without problems and not to pay fines?

This is what we are going to teach at the pragmatic seminar “Transfer Pricing Report. Tax inspections without penalties”.  On September 13, 2018, the State Enterprise “DZI” and Crowe LF Ukraine will hold the event for transfer pricing specialists.

On the agenda – only specifics:

  • Reporting methodology, in the context of the documentation being prepared;
  • Key legislative changes that need to be taken into account immediately;
  • Tax audits;
  • Litigation.

We will scrutinize the typical errors of accountants. All questions will be answered and illustrated with practical examples.

Eventually, fines of half a million UAH can seriously affect the financial stability of any company. 528,600 UAH (300 minimum income level for survival) – the exact penalty from January 1, 2018, foreseen by law should the report on controlled operations is not submitted until October 1, 2018.


  • Nicholas Mishin, Head of the Transfer Pricing Audit Department, Tax and Customs Audit Department of the Audit Department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU);
  • Dmitry Pavlovich, Head of Division of Generalization of Court Practice of the Department of Administrative Appeal and Judicial Support of SFSU;
  • Dmitry Mikhailenko, the partner at the Crowe LF Ukraine Law Firm;
  • Leonid Karpov, partner of the law firm Crowe LF Ukraine.

Price for the first participant from the entity:

Till 08/20/2018 – 2520 VAT included

Till 09/04/2018 – 2940 VAT included

Till 09/13/2018 – 3300 VAT included

Discount for the second and next participants from the entity is 15%.

To take part in the event, please contact:

–     Irina Buntova, Head of the Business Events Department of the SE DZI (+38 067 434-85-48, 044-391-34-91,;

–     Svitlana Kalitska, (044-390-50-87,


SE DZI, organizers of the seminar


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