Posted 09.10.2017

New farm for growing snails for export will appear in 2018

New snail farm will start production in 2018 in the Kherson region in the village Schastlivtsevo.

The construction of the farm has started under the framework of the social project o the association “Snail Ukraine” and international investors and it is foreseen to employ up to a hundred locals.

The statistics show that Ukrainian farmers have exported seven times more of snails than of green bacon (lard). According to the information from the association “Snail Ukraine”, exports in the last four years have grown a hundredfold, if in 2013 Ukrainian farmers exported only 3 tons of snails, then in 2017, it is 400 tons.

In comparison, Europe last year consumed more than 150’000 tons though the consumption of shellfish is reserved at 300’000 tons.

The biggest interest for Ukrainian snails is coming from Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Baltic States, and Balkan countries.

Kherson region having a warm-season of up to 8 months is ideal to grow snails and, for sure, can outpace other countries regarding the conditions of production.

Association “Snail Ukraine” reports, that at the moment there are 10 successful farms growing snails where seven different types of shellfish are bred.

90% is exported, the remaining 10% is sold domestically where the price for one kilo is in the range of 150-200UAH.

DZI Press Service

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