Posted 12.09.2017

Ukrainian invention: high-efficiency wind generator

The work of Aleksey Onipko, Doctor of Engineering, has resulted in the high-efficiency wind generator, developed by the scientist in 10 years.

The unique feature of the wind rotor is the unconventional design which allows to reach high-efficiency with practically no noise or sound. The traditional design of the wind generators incorporate different blades, Onipko abandoned this concept and suggested to use dimensional gyre with various diameters which could be mounted on different heights. The high efficiency is reached owing to the unconventional shape that the scientist describes as “natural” and can generate electricity even by a light breeze while the blade rotors will stand still.

The advantages and the technical spec of the Onipko wind generator:

  • Wide range of power 50-10000 W
  • The equipment adjusts to the direction and intensity of the wind
  • Does not emit noise and can be installed near humane dwellings
  • High wind energy transformation capacity
  • Does not require and elevated mast
  • Works with wind speeds from 0.3 to 20 meters per second
  • Work surface of the new generator is much greater than the surface of the blade generator with the same diameter
  • Contrary to the standard generators that use the lift effect of the wing additionally utilizes the energy of the wind pressure

Wind rotor can be manufactured from metal, reinforced fiberglass (composite) or plastic.

The production technology requires great accuracy, according to the words of the inventor, even small fluctuations in dimensions can lead to significant loss of efficiency an error of 5 millimeters will cause 30% drop in output.

To dramatically demonstrate the difference of the new development, the scientist has put side by side two generators one with the blade rotor and the other with his own dimensional gyre rotor, during the course of the test in strong winds the blade rotor emitted a lot of noise and came to a standstill with the decreased wind speed while the wind generator of Onipko operated continuously and in perfect silence.


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