Posted 14.11.2017

“Global Trade & Ukrainian Customs” Third Annual Forum

Organizers: DZI and Crowe Horwath AC Ukraine

Date: December 14, 2017

Place: IQ Business center, Kiev, 13-15 Bolsunivska street

Ukraine is integrating extensively and further into the global economy.

Only in the last seven years a handful of agreements have been signed “Free trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Lichtenstein)”, “Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other part”, “Free Trade Agreement Between Ukraine and Canada” and a couple of more are in the pipeline.

Essentially, all this is to have stable and mature sales markets. Trade is that flow of the economy that the relations of the countries are built on. Is Business ready to meet the challenges of the international trade? Does the State understand the needs of Business in the modern world? How or If Customs are prepared to cope with the demands of the Business and the State? And the ultimate question for the Ukrainian environment: can equal opportunities be created for all involved in Global Trade? These questions must be discussed.

Forum “Global Trade & Ukrainian Customs” will highlight the following issues:

  • What International Agreements, Treaties, and Deals provide and how they influence Exporters and Importers;
  • Disputes with the customs office and what has recently changed;
  • Customs value: is there a solution to the matter?
  • Customs-approved treatment: how does it work?
  • Changes in the currency control regulations and laws, next steps of liberalization;
  • Possibilities of export financing, domestic and international sources, pros & cons. Mitigating risk for Ukrainian companies by import insurance;
  • Contracts in international trade. Dispute resolution. International arbitration.

To take part in the event and share their ideas, incites and knowledge an invitation has been extended to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, Professional Associations, prominent domestic companies and entities, Legal firms and Consultants.

During the Forum there will be a great chance to network, directly talk to officials; meat with representatives of the leading businesses, experts and specialists.

More details:

Should you like to take part in the event feel free to contact Svitlana Kalytska,; or (044) 390-5087.


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