Posted 08.11.2017

Americans are to produce electric cables in Kherson

The company Delphi Corporation the US branch is planning to start the production of electric cables in the Kherson region, as reported by the press service of the Kherson State Administration.

In particular, a tolling operation is being considered were electric cables would be manufactured for the European market. Up to 2’500 will be employed in the factory.

“Our company is constantly searching for new grounds to expand. We are looking at countries with well trained professional workforce, as well as a good system of logistics well connected to Central European countries and it is very satisfying that Ukraine meets these criteria”, quote of Luish Figueredo, Chief Operations Officer and Regional Director of the Project of Delphi, that was included in the press statement.  For now, the investor is looking at the available production capacities, logistics, and personnel availability.

“We have offered the investor the state enterprise “Sudmash” which is now being revived to start working with Delphi Corporation”, stated Andrey Gordeev the Chairman of the Kherson State Administration.

According to the words of Artur Kheruvymov, Deputy Director General for Development of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” the company Delphi is planning to invest up to 10 million Euros.

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