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Posted 18.10.2017

Government performance for the 9 months of 2017

During the Cabinet of Ministers meeting Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine reported the results of the Government work for the three quarters of 2017.

What has been achieved in the nine months of 2017:

  • In January-September, 2017, the decline in natural gas production has been halted and increased 3.7%;
  • 2% more electricity has been generated compared to 2016 respectively;
  • In January-August, 2017, exports of agro goods has gone up 25% and the revenue reached UAH23 billion;
  • The Government was able to put an end to corrupt practices of levying Value Added Tax;
  • The Customs transferred 34% more to the State Budget;
  • The budget resolution has been put together for the coming three years based on which the Budget of 2018 has been drafted;
  • On September 1, the Agreement on Free Trade with the EU has come into force and a month earlier similar agreement with Canada went into effect;
  • From October 1, new trade preferences have been granted to Ukrainian for goods to access EU markets;
  • Ukraine entered the international market of borrowings due to a stronger credit rating and as a result allocated UAH3 billion of bonds;
  • Cargo transit via seaports increased by 4.2%;
  • The volume of passenger air transportation grew 32% as well as the air traffic in domestic airports;
  • Railway travel went up 3.2%.


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