Posted 08.10.2018

Sumykhimprom reached full capacity output

Production lines of the Sumykhimprom are working at peak capacity. This is the case for two months now since the farmers are carrying out autumn field works and require a significant amount of fertilizer. The company has reported a full load production for the first time in many years, producing almost 38 thousand tons of “vitamins for the soil” (fertilizers) every month. The demand for the products of Sumy chemists and other domestic producers of mineral fertilizers has grown due to the sanctions that Ukraine imposed against a number of Russian enterprises.

Phosagro, Evrokhim, Uralchem, Nevinnomyssky Azazot, Apatite and other well-known chemical companies of the neighboring state are in the “blacklist”. Restrictions have been introduced this spring for a three-year period in the form of blocking assets, restricting trade operations, prohibiting participation in public procurement, and others. Having lost the ability to dump prices and take out capital from Ukraine, Russian fertilizer producers began to leave the market. Recently it was reported that the Russian chemical holding Fosagro sold its subsidiary, LLC Fosagro-Ukraine.

Source: The Voice of Ukraine newspaper

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