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Posted 19.08.2017

The Price of fuel is showing signs of divergent movements in the domestic market of Ukraine

From the beginning of August, the price for fuel of the Kremenchuk Oil Refinery for large wholesalers after substantial growth in July went down UAH150-350/ton (August 18 compared to August 3). According to the list price of UkrTatNafta: gasoline A-95-Euro5-E5 is offered for UAH27’000/ton; A-92- Euro5-E5 for UAH28’150/ton; and diesel fuel DT- Euro5-B0 for UAH21’950/ton.

If we look at the prices of small wholesalers for the domestic market of Ukraine (excluding Crimea) as of August 17 compared to August 3, the prices are lower by UAH0.4/litre depending on the type of fuel. For August 17 the offers for diesel fuel were in the range of UAH18.15-19.05/litre; gasoline A-92 UAH19.90-21.50/litre; A-95 UAH20.90-22.35-litre.

The retail market of Ukraine (excluding Crimea) in the mentioned herein period of time did not show any changes; diesel was offered in the range of UAH19.20-23.99/litre, gasoline A-92 UAH21.19-25.60/litre, A-95 UAH22.35-26.80/litre. It is worth mentioning, that the estimated price average has risen by UAH0.2-0.25/litre depending on the fuel, due to a price hike at some of the gas station chains.