Business events, Marketing, Promotion

We deliver the turnkey solution for your Business events.

  • exhibitions and trade fairs;
  • trade missions and B2B matchmaking;
  • forums, conferences, and panel discussions
  • training seminars;
  • press-conferences and media tours.

The Area of Expertise:

  • foreign economic relations, export-import;
  • transfer pricing;
  • intellectual property.


  • design the concept, structure and the agenda of the event;
  • budgeting;
  • liaison with the Authorities and relevant Agencies;
  • find partners and attract participants for the event;
  • event logistics in Ukraine: venue search and rent, catering, translation, technical support, transfers;
  • event logistics internationally: compose business delegations, and assist in travel, transfers, accommodation, meals, visa support, translation, cargo logistics;
  • potential partners search for B2B;
  • design & implementation of promotion campaigns.

Business Events and Periodicals Department
Tel. +38 (044) 391-34-91, 390-50-72



Practical conference “International Financial Reporting Standards: Application and Challenges” (November 30, Park-Hotel Holosievo, Kyiv)

Pragmatic seminar “Transfer Pricing Report. Tax inspections without penalties” (September 13, Park-Hotel Holosievo, Kyiv)

Specialized conference “Recycling of waste” (June 14, Park-Hotel Holosievo, Kyiv)

Conference “Transfer pricing: view from a new perspective” (March 22, IQ Business Center,
13-15 Bolsunovskaya st., Kyiv)



Conference “Global Trade & Ukrainian Customs” (December 14, IQ Business Center, 13-15 Bolsunovskaya st., Kyiv)

Specialized conference “Lubricants 2017” (October 27, Klichko Brothers museum, Kyiv)

Seminar “Transfer pricing report 2017. Submit it and Forget it” (September 15, IQ Business Center,
13-15 Bolsunovskaya st., Kyiv)

Seminar “Tax invoice cut off and Tax report for six months” (June 23, Kyiv, premises of DZI)

International conference “Anti-offshore Ukraine. The vision of the State and Business” (May 16, «Radisson Blu Hotel», Kyiv)

Conference “Transfer pricing in Ukraine. Stay ahead of the game” (March 17, IQ Business Center, 13-15 Bolsunovskaya st., Kyiv)



Transfer pricing panel (December 8, Information agency “Ukrainian news”, Kyiv)

Conference “Import out of the risk zone” (November 3, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv)

National stand “Baltic Fashion& Textile” (September 29 – October 1, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Conference “Public procurement in Ukraine and Internationally: new possibilities or deception” (June 30, IQ Business Center, 13-15 Bolsunovskaya st., Kyiv)

Conference “Transfer pricing. Development. Cases. Regulations” (March 31, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv)



International economic forum “Ukraine and the World. New Dialogue” (October 20-21, Odessa seaport conference hall)

Conference “Import of services and intellectual property: Prices, Currency control, Taxes” (October 9, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv)

International economic and investment forum “Ukraine – Middle East and Africa: focal point of trade and economic cooperation” (October 8, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv)

Conference “VAT 2015: foreign and domestic trade” (June 25, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv)

Conference “Transfer pricing in Ukraine: Version 2.0” (March 20, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Kyiv)

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