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Ukrainian business is heading to Lithuania
Kiev, Today. Seminar on ways and methods of entering the Lithuanian market has been held. The organizers of the event were Ukrainian association of Apparel, Clothing and Accessories Industry Ukrlegprom and DZI.  
27.09.2016 Anti-Corruption and Compliance Forum
Anti-Corruption and Compliance Forum will be held on 27 September 2016. Organizer is Yuridicheskaya Practika Weekly. DZI informational partner.   
Ukraine will showcase products of Legprom in the Baltics States
This coming fall in Lithuania the best product samples will be displayed of Ukrainian Apparel, Clothing and Accessories Industry. In Vilnius on September 29, 2016 the anniversary international trade fare BALTIC FASHION & TEXTILE VILNIUS 2016 will open its doors and a huge pavilion Ukrainian national exposition of Apparel, Clothing and Accessories products will start the display.   
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Price index for steam coal went up by 10%
Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has published the monthly Price index of steam coal (HBA) for September 2016 at $63.93/tonne, FOB, which is 9.5% higher than in August and 9.8% higher than last year the same month.   
Delicious and Healthy: Podol will be flooded with organic produce from all over Ukraine
September 10, Contractova square, Kiev, the Eight all Ukrainian organic fair will open. Farmers and Entrepreneurs will bring their delicious produce from all over Ukraine.  
Ukrainian production of dry construction mixes is up in June, 2016
June, 2016 to June, 2015 production of dry construction mixes is 11% more.  
Sunflower oil export from Ukraine can beat Russia by 2.5 times
In 2016/17 marketing year Ukraine can export up to 4.9 million tonnes of sunflower oil, Russia 1.8 million tonnes.   
Ukrainian production of concrete increased in June, 2016
Concrete production went up 35.4% in June, 2016 compared to June, 2015.  
Electricity production from coal can reach 26% till 2040
According to the World Coal Association (WCA) by 2040 26% of electricity will be produced from coal. However, the share in the total production of energy generated from fossil fuels will drop to 30% from 41% now. Al in all this can push coal demand up to 1 billion tonnes per year.  
Gravel Production Growth in Ukraine in May 2016
The volume of gravel extraction increased by 3.7% in May 2016 compared to May 2015